5 Common Property Marketing Perspectives

If you are about to sell a home in Austin the most critical step in getting top dollar and the quickest sale is effective marketing. Every real estate agent promotes their unique marketing style and some even leverage their “aggressive” methods as their key value proposition. Marketing your house for sale should be targeted and highlight the exceptional characteristics of your it.

Which marketing is best for you and which ones actually work the best? Below you will find 5 common marketing methods and a perspective of each. You can be the judge.

  1. Multiple Listing Service or MLS Real Estate. This is a closed platform where only real estate agents can market their properties to other agents and their buyers. The MLS real estate platform provides comprehensive listing information and is monitored closely by a managing company to ensure data is accurate and consistent across the market. Thousands of agents and their buyers see these listings based on specific search criteria. It’s the go to place for finding a property in most cities.
  2. Syndication on 3rd Party Real Estate Sites. Dependent upon the managing company of your local MLS Real Estate and individual brokerages, your property listed on the MLS Real Estate may be syndicated or made available to 3rd party real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc. This is a great marketing channel to buyers that may not be represented by a real estate agent. This means if you find that buyer then you can save even more money on agent compensation. The primary challenge with these 3rd party websites is the accuracy of the information. Not all sites are consistently updated, which means price changes, property specs, pending sales, and other pertinent information may not be correct.
  3. Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Next Door, Instagram, and Pinterest are fantastic ways of reaching people in your community. This is a great cost effective method to promote the sale of your property and allows you to control the content and any updates that may be needed. Since this is your property, you have more camaraderie with your community and will be more successful than an unknown real estate agent.
  4. Open Houses. Typically, an individual going to an open house is not an imminent buyer but probably a buyer in 3 to 9 months. These folks are evaluating areas and fine tuning their needs and wants prior to getting serious about finding their dream home. I have seen statistics showing that only 1 to 3% of property sales were the result of an open house. If you are going to do an open house, I recommend that they are frequent (i.e. every weekend), marketed on your social media, and hosted yourself, which will allow you to find the unrepresented buyer and save money on compensation.
  5. For Sale Sign and Flyers. This is another way of catching the eye of someone passing through your community. Flyers are a low-cost way of marketing that allows potential buyers to take away a data sheet of the property to assess further. In the event that it’s not an open house when they are passing by your property, potential buyers can look at the flyers photos to see if the property’s interior resonates with them. Will it sell your house? Maybe, but either way it’s a great way to spread the word to your neighbors that may not be connected to you in social media.

What do you think is the best marketing strategy for your property? Since advertising methods are ever evolving, we would love to hear your experience and perspective on marketing to sell a property in Austin.

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