The 2 Critical Items in Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent

I love my career for one primary reason – I help people improve their lives. Maybe it’s helping someone sell a property in Austin while keeping more of their money from the sale or maybe it’s helping a family find their dream home and somewhere safe to raise their children. Working with my clients to meet their needs or just providing someone my professional opinion brings me great pleasure.

The other day I was talking with a friend and he asked me a question that really hit home and had me thinking. He asked me “How do I really differentiate between real estate agents and find the best one for me?” Since he lived in another state it was not an easy question where I would simply say pick me because I do Flat Fee Real Estate and you will have the best experience and save the most money in the process.

When comparing real estate agents to sell a property in Austin you have to take into consideration several areas of the process: Pre-Marketing, Marketing, and Contract to Close. Obviously, there are details in each one of these categories but after you do all of the research you will find that each real estate agent does generally the same thing in each category unless you own a very unique or specific property that you want to sell. Let’s assume your house for sale is typical for your area and not one of these unique properties.

  1. Can You Get Along with Your Real Estate Agent? When trying to sell a property in Austin or to when attempting to buy your dream home, your agent will become a frequent conversation topic with you and your family. He/she will know more about you than many of your close friends so you must actually like this person and trust this person. You must trust your gut and the feeling you get when discussing your wants and needs with this person – they can make an enormous decision on how smoothly the process flows.
  2. Can They Solve Problems? Most residential real estate transactions run into some sort of issues. Maybe it’s a buyer who is requesting every little item on an inspection to be repaired. Or maybe it’s an appraisal that comes in under the agreed sales price of the house. Or maybe it’s a title search that is not clean and needs legal support. When facing these issues, you need an agent who can solve problems quickly. This doesn’t mean that the agent helping you sell a property in Austin will be able to circumvent these issues, but they must be resourceful enough to solve the problem quickly.

Whether you are a For Sale by Owner or you’re working with an agent to sell a property in Austin, I’m sure you had your own selection criteria. What were your critical must haves in selecting an agent? We would love to hear your perspective.

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